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“The traveller’s mecca in 60s-70s, Morocco is still a fascinating mix of Islamic, Arab, African, and Berber cultures with a topping of France.
Throw in some pleasant cities, eye-boggling landscapes, colourful people, excellent beaches, good trekking, plenty of interesting shopping and there’s something for everyone.”

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Planning on traveling to Argentina?

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“When we think of Hvar – we think about the island of heather, sunshine and crickets, the island of lavender, sage and wine and the island of rosemary and secluded coves.

Attractive in the summer just as in the winter, with pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich vegetation of palms, aloes, pine trees, laurel, rosemary and lavender and peaceful coves and islets filled with a multitude of pleasant scents.

Hvar awaits you!”

“Just off the coast of Naples and Salerno, between Cape Miseno and Amalfi, a great rock soars like a dream lost in the cobalt blue sea that surrounds it. This Mediterranean jewel, yearned for and exalted in some of the world’s most famous lyric poetry, is the island of Capri. The intoxicating fragrance of flowers, delicate splashes of colour, recollections of a millennial past and a peaceful charm, shattered only by the shrill cry of seagulls, are just some of the magical qualities of this mythical isle. “

With little than 12,500 population, Capri Island  is considered one of the most exotic Islands in the word to travel to. Its existence has long history which has three eras – Classical, Middle and Modern eras.

The island is closed for public traveling for about seven months of the year. But you still can take a car to one of the Naples’ ports to get a boat to the island. For more information visit here.

One of the most beautiful gardens in the world, Boboli Garden, is located in Florence, Italy. This is also one of the gardens which were created by 16th century famous painters and sculptures, such as Niccolo Tribolo, Bartolomeo Ammanati, Giorgio Vasari and Bernardo Buontalenti.

The most strange and beautiful garden in the world is locate in South West Scotland. The design of the entire garden is inspired by science and mathematics.  Garden of Cosmic Speculation resembles different scientific phenomena like Black Holes. Symmetry and curves are unique characteristics of the garden’s architecture.

Unfortunately, the garden is private. Nevertheless, there is one day in a year when it is open for public to raise money for cancer care charity.

There are no words to describe the exclusive beauty of Garden of Cosmic Speculations. It is worth seeing.


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