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There are several facts about handshake that worth mentioning. Judith Bowman writes:

  • Offer your hand. There are no gender considerations when it comes to the business handshake….
  • If you are seated at the dinner table hosting clients … rise from your chair out of respect to shake hands, and acknowledge the effort in approaching and attempting to make connection.
  • If the introduction occurs in your office, come out from behind your desk to shake hands.
  • If the introduction occurs outside, remove your sunglasses and/or gloves.



Every one of us had already faced or will face a situation in a business environment when we are in charge of introducing one person to another.  It is a complicated setting because those people most probably will have different levels of rankings, age, and social status.

This is what Judith Bowman suggests:

  • When introducing a customer to the CEO, customer’s name is introduced first.
  • When introducing your spouse to the CEO, CEO’s name is said first.
  • Suppose the two individuals are equal in rank? You may use age to determine the order of introductions; the elder is introduced first. Or you may use gender; the woman’s name is said first.
  • When introducing a governor or other high-ranking government official to the CEO, the governor’s name is introduced first.
  • Suppose your job is to introduce one very senior person to a room full of people…. Say the name of the senior person then invite the individuals in the room to say their own names and titles.

It appears that the rules of etiquette differ between regular friendly/family and business environments. In business environment it is equally important to behave according to etiquette rules and say ethically correct things. Sometimes, you wonder why you haven’t left a good impression when it seems like you have said everything ethically appropriate. The answer lies in your body language. As a consequence, many writers have decided that it is worth to educate people about business etiquette. Judith Bowman is one of them. “Don’t Take the Last Donut” is one of her the most popular etiquette guides.


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