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Most of us think that we should eat an asparagus by cutting it with the knife and picking up with the fork? Well, we thought wrong! Asparagus is considered a hand-food.



The typical Chinese dining table is round or square, the ts’ai (common dishes) are laid in the middle, and each participant in the meal is equipped with a bowl of fan (grain/rice), a pair of chopsticks, a saucer, and a spoon. All at the table take from the ts’ai dishes as they proceed with the meal. The diner who lets his fan bowl stay on the table and eats by picking up lumps of fan from the bowl is expressing disinterest in or dissatisfaction with the food. Also, it is extremely poor manners to suck or bite your chopsticks. Consumption of too much rice may be a sign of disrespect to the quality of the ts’ai dishes. No rice should ever be left over in a private bowl of a participant at the end of a meal.


According to American and European table etiquettes, the oldest lady present during the dinner gets the first serving. Once everyone is served, the host signals that everybody can start eating. However, according to Middle Eastern and Asian table etiquettes, a male who has the highest social/ political power around the table gets the first serving. And he is the one who initiates eating by simply starting eating, even though he might not necessarily be the host.


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